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First Aid Course Online + Practical

Mon 19th Oct 2020 (11.59pm) to Mon 30th Nov 2020 (11.59pm)
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Participant ($85.00)
Open: Mon 21st Sep 2020 (12am)
Close: Mon 19th Oct 2020 (9am)
SC&T Region Office
SC&T Region Office
Brief Summary:
First Aid Course (Theory) Online plus Practical Assessment
E-Permission Activated
Additional Information

In this current climate we are offering First Aid Course (Theory) Online, then a day and time are selected for a practical assessment. 

The assessment may take up to 40 minutes and two students will be assessed per scheduled time.

Scoutevent will provide students first name, last name and email address.  The link will then be sent direct to that email address together with a suggested assessment date.

The student must watch all the videos in full, if they dont, the system flags the student and they are unable to be assessed.

Cost is $85 including assessment.

Members and Families of Scouting are able to participate.


NOTE - Dates are entered as required by the system - these are flexible depending on numbers, update emails will be sent to those who register.